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подготовка к toefl

Modern business life is unthinkable without the knowledge of foreign languages ​​. Our society is becoming more oriented towards integration into the global economy. It is, first of all, involves the acquisition of foreign technologies . In turn, the diverse contacts at all levels with foreign partners, come to the fore . Knowledge of the language is now , in many ways , the determining factor for career advancement . If your motto in life – to take their rightful position in society , if you are aiming for a career move – knowledge of the language for you is a necessity. This comes to the fore when your goal – emigration or travel abroad for work , getting an MBA or education abroad our country.

Confirmation of the degree of knowledge of the English language is an international certificate. It can be obtained after the passage of a positive test , developed by the International Institute of Linguistics . You can go the long way and prepare myself for the test , but of course , it is wiser to go a short way , and to be trained under the guidance of an experienced instructor. This will help language courses , the learning process in which , drawn up in accordance with the author’s technique of their founder – Kevin. It is the teacher who codified longstanding knowledge accumulated in the process of teaching students to pass international tests . He gained experience working around the world. Kevin provides instruction allowing for the mentality of each country. The only thing that remains constant – the high quality of the lessons , extensive linguistic baggage and a large supply of self-confidence , which render entrants after the course .

In our courses applicants can prepare for the following tests : TOEFL, GRE, SAT, IELTS, GMAT.

Study time is three months , after which we guarantee a high level of your training. Our teachers have gone through a sieve thorough professional selection , confirming its high level of knowledge and showing high stress levels. Higher philological education , teaching experience in foreign educational institutions , constant communication with native speakers of English – are the main working environment for our teachers .

The courses in Kyiv does not differ from school in Warsaw and Zurich. Proven methodology Kevin , which forms the teaching in all the cities of the world, is the same. The only condition for all while learning a foreign language is a constant immersion . The more you read and speak it, the faster the build up your knowledge , the more they will. Watch movies in their original language , listen to music , do not miss any opportunity to enrich your vocabulary .

We will assist you in the process of systematization of knowledge in preparation for the test. Passage of tests and certification assessment of English language skills in systems TOEFL, GRE, SAT, IELTS and GMAT does not seem like an impossible task . We will issue you a full set of test preparation. We have our own manuals, audio and video materials. We provide our students with the opportunity to receive training on on-line courses , if an emergency employment does not allow you to be personally present in the classroom.

Prior to the educational process in our country, you need to have an interview , which we will define your level of English. So we will identify you on the appropriateness of enrollment training courses for testing. In the process of training you will learn how to pass the selected test strategy , understand all the subtleties of the correct execution of tasks. You ‘ll pass the test the original test , during which will identify issues requiring closer scrutiny . All this will give you confidence , structuring your knowledge and help brilliantly to take the test in the certification center .

Your hard work and diligence , multiplied by our technique – that component , which will certainly lead to success. We’ll give you a fishing rod, with which you will catch fish. Obtaining a certificate of English language – one of the stones that you put into the development of the foundations of their future well-being.
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