Which exams to choose? TOEFL vs. IELTS

You already know exactly what you need : education or work abroad? Congratulations! Ahead of moving to another country , meet new people , excellent opportunities in your career . It remains only to choose the city and university exam … ! Yes, you need to confirm English language proficiency at a certain level . At some universities, the choice is limited : you will be required certificates straight from the tin or TOEFL, or IELTS, or some other exam. Often, however, the opportunity to choose. So which is better , easier or more interesting? In this article, you expect an exciting fight international exams ! In the right corner – American TOEFL, left – Englishman IELTS. Make your own choice , gentlemen!

First, consider the comparative table of points for each of the exams (according to data SI):


9 120
8,5 115
8 110


















Ниже 3,5 Менее 30

Your employer or university necessarily indicate a passing grade . Keep in mind that 6.5 for IELTS , and 90 for TOEFL – about the same level as Intermediate.

Round 1 . Purpose . It must be remembered that unlike academic TOEFL ibt, IELTS has two modules : Academic – for training in universities and General – for emigration. Depending on the country where you are going , for example , Australia or Canada , you may be required results is IELTS General. Reading and writing assignments are much easier than in the academic version, so if you have a choice between TOEFL ibt and IELTS General, choose the second.

If the choice is between IELTS Academic and TOEFL ibt, then it is necessary to take into account a number of factors that we will do now .

Round 2 . English . TOEFL ibt – American child . So if you’re closer and more pleasant sounding lexical content, North American English, of course, this is your option. IELTS Cambridge University was established , so of course they tend to British English, although for the most part , it’s more English-English, English is a universal , with elements of Australian, New Zealand and even the American version . This difference is most clearly reflected in emphasis , so listening, it can play a dramatic role. Choose something that you are more accustomed to .

Round 3 . Duration . In both tests, there are four sections: listening, reading, writing and speaking . Depending on the skill of the test , the length of the sections vary . In general , renting TOEFL ibt take you 4:00 , whereas IELTS lasts about 3 hours. But remember: in short – does not mean better ! Therefore it is necessary to understand what’s sections differ from each other .

Round 4 . Reading. TOEFL 60-100 minutes, short version 3 of the text , for 20 minutes each in length – 5 texts. Unfortunately, to predict which option you get it is not possible . You will find out all the exam. Different length due to the presence of experimental texts that do not go in the overall standings . So, if you have time to perform the job only 3 of 5 remain only hope that they are all exactly the ones you need . In IELTS has only 3 text from the lighter in content to the more complex . For each text you will have 12-14 different types of questions : true or false , to supplement a bid to sign the chart fragments etc. In the same TOEFL more common variants of type A, B, C, D, where there is no need to write anything that , in general , a little easier.

Round 5 . Letter . And there, and there awaits essay. TOEFL offers 30 minutes to present your thoughts in paragraphs 5 ( 300-350 words). The second task – integrated , that is first given a card with the text , then listen to a lecture on the same subject , during which you take notes , and finally you are replying to a question by combining information from the read or heard , lying in 150-225 words. In IELTS also two tasks : an essay of 250 words in 40 minutes and the description of the table , graph or chart ( some that are particularly difficult because we need to know certain words and phrases ) .

Round 6 . Listening . Here the difference is enormous . In TOEFL you listen , make notes , and then answer the questions , which tend to have answers . This part lasts 60 minutes. IELTS Listening short – only 30 minutes , but you are responsible for as hear . Types of jobs are very diverse. Especially important here Spelling ( spelling spell ) ! For misspelled word down points .

Round 7 . Speaking . Since TOEFL rent via the Internet, you will be on the exam , computer headset with a microphone . 6 You will be asked different questions and give 45-60 seconds to reply . IELTS is also a bit of an interview with the examiner for 11-14 minutes in NW stages: 1. general questions 2 . card with the task for later monologue 2 minutes , 3. the task is more complicated disputivnogo character.

At this end the demonstrations suggest . The most interesting thing in the head as the winner only define you. Each of the tests interesting and complicated in its own way . In this video you can once again listen to all of the above, but in English .