Higher Education in Germany

Higher education in Germany is very attractive on many reasons, such as: high level of teaching, time-honored traditions of Universities, and international prestige.
The system of German higher education includes about 350 institutions, among which there are Universities, Technical Universities, Institutes, colleges and higher schools. The majority of them are State institutions with education in German, but there are some Universities, which offer programs in the English language as well.
In Germany foreign students study on the same terms as citizens of this country, it means that they are entitled to free higher education in state Universities. Recently some German Universities have started charging for education, but the payment is quite reasonable, it ranges from 500 to 2000 Euro per year.
Students have several ways of being accepted to Universities. After finishing 11 years of study at school students can enter German school for the last 2-3 years of study there and to complete the German Abitur Program (11th – 13th year of study). The Abitur diploma enables to enter most of German Universities without entrance exams. Exceptions are the most prestigious Universities and specialties; they, on the contrary, offer to pass exams and win competition.
Beside academic requirements, a compulsory condition for entering Universities is a high level of knowledge of German, which is proved by results of TestDaf or DSH test.  Those students who choose the program of study in English are to pass IELTS or TOEFL. There are special programs on preparation for entering German Universities, which not only train students to pass the required exams, but also provide considerable support on such entering.
Upon completion of education at German Universities students, depending on their specialty, can obtain either a diploma or the academic degree of the Magister, or pass state exam as a final (all these are qualifications of the same level). Alongside with this, during recent years some education programs with internationally recognized academic degrees – Bachelor and Magister – are introduced. According to German education system, study period for the Bachelor degree shall make 3-4 years, and to continue study for the Magister degree students will need additional 1-4 years.

Rating of German Universities:
1. Munich Technical University
2. Munich University after Ludvig-Maximilian
3. Heidelberg University
4. Goettingen University
5. Bonn University
6. Frankfurt University
7.Freiburg University
8. Mainz University
9. Munster University
10. Tubingen University