Higher Education in Great Britain

The United Kingdom holds one of top positions in the world on number of foreign students. It is holding this position even in spite of the fact that education in Great Britain, unlike many European countries, is paid.  British Universities have a reputation of institutions providing their graduates with brilliant education and perspective for good employment. Advantages of life in the United Kingdom, such as high living standards, low crime level, absolute religious tolerance of the British society, developed infrastructure of British Universities, also play an important role   while choosing a place to study.

The Procedure of Entering Universities of the United Kingdom

It is the central bureau of UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service), which deals with intake of students to all higher educational institutions of Great Britain, including the Universities. All applicants fill the UCAS form, which contains the following information on study achievements by the moment of application submission:
• either available score on passed graduation exams if the applicant has graduated the A-level pre-University education,
• or the score, which the applicant is only intended to get at graduation exams;
• description of the applicant’s aspiration and ambition with reasoning of his/her decision of making career in this specific field (brief essay called personal statement)
• and the list of Universities of Great Britain (no more than 6) in the alphabetic order, where the applicant would like to get education. The Form is attached with a reference from school (or other educational institution graduated).

The document package must be sent to UCAS in January the latest, and if the list of Universities include also Oxford or Cambridge Universities, then even earlier – at least in September.
The listed Universities review the applications and then either offer a vacancy or refuse, or invite to an interview.  As a rule the vacancy is offered conditionally, because the majority of students apply prior to their finals. A condition might be as follows: you must get a certain score at your final exams or – pass each of your chief subjects with a certain result.
It should be mentioned that maximum results (ААА) received at A-level, is a required but not sufficient condition for entering two top famous Universities of England – Cambridge and Oxford. Admission to these Universities is provided based on results of their own entrance examinations and interviewing.

Rating of English Universities:
1 University of Oxford 
2 University of Cambridge
3  Imperial College London 
4 University of St Andrews 
5  University College London 
6 University of Warwick
7 London School of Economics
8  Durham University
9  University of Exeter
10 University of Bristol