Higher Education in the USA

There are more than two thousand colleges and Universities in the USА, which provide programs on higher education. Students may enter US Universities immediately after secondary school. The main requirements are good results of study at school and excellent knowledge of English. The duration of Bachelor program is usually four years. However such leading Universities as Harvard or Yale, due to high competition and strict selection criteria, do not accept students after 11 years of schooling. It should be mentioned here that the youngest possible age of acceptance to US and Canadian Universities is 17. Those students, who received their school diplomas at the age of 16, have the chance to enter, first, the preparatory program; it includes study of English and of certain subjects referring to chosen specialty.
Alongside with Bachelor programs American higher schools offer programs on post-higher education. In order to enter the Magistrate or MBA program of an American University, students are to submit a diploma on higher education (Bachelor or specialist) and to pass official TOEFL and GMAT exams (for most of economic specialties). The Magistrate degree education in the USA lasts for 1.5-2 years. Those students whose test score is not enough are offered to have special preparation training for Magistrate study with duration of 6-9 months.

Rating of Universities of the USA:
1. Harvard University
2. Princeton University
3. Yale University
4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5. Stanford University
6. California Institute of Technology
7. University of Pennsylvania
8. Columbia University
9. Duke University
10. University of Chicago